As a certified online business manager, many of my clients are executive coaches and business consultants who work with corporations on initiatives like talent development, leadership cultivation, and organizational transformation. A large part of that process is the administration and analysis of personality assessments like DiSC Solutions, Hogan Assessments, and Myers-Briggs.

Today, we know that executive leadership within an organization is defined by the ability to build and maintain high-performing teams. Therefore, an organization’s leaders need strategic self-awareness and a clear understanding of how to recognize or cultivate the traits that make an effective leader. So it’s understandable why personality assessments are such a valuable asset for corporate talent managers- because they allow coaches and consultants to give them a clear understanding of behavioural tendencies, preferences, and patterns as they relate to organizational success and team leadership.

However, an often overlooked aspect is just how much time and energy goes into managing these assessments. Communication, administration, collection, and scoring- especially if you consider the number of employees in an organization that might need to take the assessment. It can be time consuming. That’s where I come in!

As an OBM, I help my clients by providing comprehensive management for the entire life cycle of the assessment right up to the final debriefing. That way they don’t get bogged down by all the details and can focus on what they do well: coaching and consulting. I handle all the ins and outs so they can concentrate on their sessions with hiring managers to recommend strategies for identifying and recruiting candidates and mentoring potential leaders. 


Here are just a few of the services I provide to executive coaches and business consultants.

  1. Communication with the Client and Test-Takers

From the initial prospect to completed invoice- I handle all the communication with the corporate client. I send the initial communication to begin the relationship with my client and handle all the communication during the relationship. I will also gather all the details for the assessment including the participant information, dates, and any follow-up questions that they may have during the process. In addition, I actively manage and track the employees progress during this process and ensure that assessments are completed on time so I can record their scores and get them over to my client to analyze.

I think we all know what a rabbit-hole the email inbox can be, so right off the bat, I am freeing my client up to spend time on other activities and ensuring that they aren’t shackled to their computer answering emails all day long. 


  1. Compiling, scoring, and organizing the data

I also score the assessments and compile the results. I extract all the data that’s needed and present the results to my clients so they can analyze, debrief, and recommend changes that will deliver improved performance metrics for the organization. 

For my clients, this ensures they aren’t wasting their valuable time on data entry and management. For their clients, this streamlines the process and furthers the goal of enabling them to effectively source, manage, and develop high performing executive positions and meet the business’ leadership goals.


  1. Accounting and invoicing 

As an avid Quickbooks user with accounting experience, another service I provide is the production of expense reports, the creation of estimates and the preparation of invoices. I also submit invoices and make sure they get paid. If there are any issues that arise, I will communicate and resolve them. 

Accounting can be a real headache for many people. Making sure that you get paid for your services and preparing expense reports makes many professionals uncomfortable, but somebody has to do it and many times, follow-up is required. So I handle these aspects so my client can focus on what they do best while I handle the minutiae that would otherwise bog them down.  


  1. Bonus: Training clients to administer the test themselves

The point of an assessment is to measure how people like to do things and how they react to different situations. So I fully understand that some executive talent managers will just want to handle the process in house. Often times, due to legal restrictions, they may have no choice other than to handle the process in house. That’s why, as a bonus, another service I offer is training for executive managers that wish to manage assessment administration themselves. I help educate them on my processes. I set them up and give them all the resources they need to do the data collection and management themselves. I am also available to answer any questions or concerns they have during the process. 

Being adaptable provides value for my clients services so they don’t have to worry about missing out on an opportunity because of rigid structural procedures.  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in almost twenty years in business, it’s that coaches and consultants don’t want to be drowning in the details. They want to focus on the parts of their business that they love. But certainly they won’t feel comfortable enough to do that, and do it well, unless they have a reliable partner with the proper expertise to manage the important details of their business while they focus on their zone of expertise. Therefore my business motto has become, “A winning management solution to growing your business,” because I understand that no two business models are alike and a long-term partnership is necessary to learn the ins and outs of your business and be able to handle it efficiently in your stead. 

There is a limit to what you can do on your own, and your business growth will eventually stall if you’re doing everything on your own. So if you are ready to get out from doing all the things that weigh you down and get back to doing what you love, let’s set up a time to chat and see if I’m a good fit for your needs.

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