Knowing how to build confidence in your employees is an asset to any organization. A confident team will work harder, accomplish more, and help their fellow employees.

Whether you are the leader of a company or an executive coach who works with leaders, confidence-building is a tool you should be using and teaching your leadership team and consulting clients.

If you aren’t sure how to build confidence in your team, or how to coach confidence-building to your clients, the 6 tips below will get your started.


6 Effective Techniques That Build Confidence in Your Team

  1. Model Confidence, Accountability, and Treat Others with Respect How you conduct yourself sets the tone for your company. Too many leaders operate using the “do as I say, not as I do” approach, missing a valuable training opportunity. When you interact with your team, your confidence sets an example. Confident leaders aren’t arrogant. They possess confidence in their decisions and in the actions they take and show confidence in their leadership team. Confident leaders also own their mistakes and see them as learning opportunities. Your team will see you analyze your mistakes and learn from them going forward. Treating your team with respect is another trickle-down leadership tool that builds confidence. Listening respectfully to your leadership team and valuing their opinions and suggestions builds their confidence and models effective management skills.
  2. Provide and Prioritize Learning Opportunities and Professional Training
    A leader can build confidence in his employees by making sure they have the skills needed to excel in their jobs. Encouraging your team to pursue training opportunities creates a culture of growth, and builds a solid skill base for each employee. Giving them tasks that present learning opportunities help them refine and grow their skill set. Your team will feel more qualified to do their job, and their confidence will grow.
  3. Encourage Your Team to Try New Things, and Portray Failure as a Learning OpportunityPart of building confidence in your leadership team is encouraging innovation and accepting failure as part of the learning process. If employees aren’t allowed to try new ideas or are penalized if their ideas don’t work, you are missing a key confidence-building opportunity. A team that operates in a culture that encourages innovation and uses failure to learn will gain confidence, and the workplace culture will be one of positivity and trust.
  4. Delegate with Detail When Necessary
    If you see a growth opportunity for one of your employees, delegate tasks in that growth area. Equip the employee for success by delegating with enough detail for them to use as stepping stones as they work through the project.If you delegate too much too soon, you may leave the employee feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. That said, including some detail of your expectations, or the steps they need to take will give them guidelines to use as they take on a project that is growing their abilities. Having a clear vision of your expectations will give the employee more confidence because they know what is required.
  5. Give Positive FeedbackPositive feedback is an excellent way to build confidence at work. Praise should be specific. Specific feedback helps your employee know exactly what you appreciate about their work, and how their work is important to the success of the company or a project. Feedback should also be given in a timely manner. Don’t save it for employee reviews, by that time it will be much less meaningful. Connect with your employees as soon as you are aware of their beneficial work, and seize every opportunity to recognize their contributions.
  6. Turn Problems into Opportunities
    Approaching problems with a confident, positive attitude will encourage the same behavior in your leadership team. Acknowledge the problem, and work with your leadership team to find the cause and develop a solution. Recognize and utilize your employee’s strengths, both in diagnosing the cause and in implementing a solution. Employees will gain confidence when they are treated as competent team members with the capability to turn the problem around.


Are You Building Confidence in Your Leadership Team?

A strong leader builds confidence in their leadership team and creates a company culture that fosters empowerment and develops employee confidence.

Strong leaders feel pride and satisfaction when they see their team operate with confidence and achieve success.

Knowing how to build confidence in your team is a key leadership skill with far-reaching, positive reverberations for your company and its employees.


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