How to Get More Clients and Keep Them


Has your business consultant company stalled?

Are you ready to take on new clients but they aren’t knocking at your door?

You want to grow your consulting business, but you aren’t sure how to do it?

Attracting and converting new clients can be hard. You need to develop a system that brings potential clients in via various channels, and has a high conversion rate after the initial contact.

How to Expand Consulting Business Clients & Contacts 

This Guide outlines various methods through which you can attract and connect with new clients. These strategies focus on:

      1. Increasing website traffic

     2. Maximizing conversion rate for website visitors

     3. Generating referrals

How to Promote Your Consulting Services

  • Email Marketing: What value do you offer people once they come to your website? Do you have any e-books for them to download? A blog full of relevant, helpful content? Do you offer a free 15-minute consultation? If you offer tools and information that will help them, visitors are motivated to submit their email in exchange for receiving it. Build your email list by adding a slide-in or pop-up to your website or blog that asks if they would like to receive a notification when new content is posted. Just make sure it’s not obtrusive; if it appears too often, they will click out of your website.
  • Blog Regularly: Blogging can increase your client base in a multitude of ways:
    • Quality blog content will establish your reputation as an expert in the field.
    • When your blog provides value to your customer, it can be a vehicle to collect emails and begin the visitor-to-client conversion process.
    • Blogs help to build a relationship with the customer; they get to know you through your writing.
    • Blogging is an excellent way to improve your search result standing on Google. This drives more traffic to your site, which in turn will generate more leads. Check out this research from Hubspot showing how more frequent blogging increases website traffic:


  • Write a case study: Case studies are another tool that can convert a website visitor to a client. It allows the visitor to picture what services and financial benefits you could provide to them. The case study should portray the breadth and depth of your expertise, but primarily should focus on the positive financial and business impact you created for your client. Share the case study on LinkedIn, as well as on appropriate social media groups or websites you belong to.
  • Get published: Publish articles on websites that are frequented and respected by business consultants (or your more specific target clientele). Research blogs and websites that are forerunners in your niche and contact them to see if they accept guest posts. Broader-reach websites such as LinkedIn and Huffington Post are also great places to post, as well as highly respected sites such as and
  • SEO Optimize your website: This can be a huge lead generator. If your website is one of the top results in a Google search using your keywords you will dramatically increase website visitors looking for your services.
  • Add Videos to your website: This serves multiple purposes. A video helps website visitors get to know you and establishes a personal connection. Potential customers who feel a connection with you are more likely to convert. Videos are also another SEO tool that can show up in Google searches and bring visitors to your website.
  • Conduct email campaigns: The above steps will build your email list; now you want to utilize the list to connect with your customers. Send targeted emails to that list marketing a specific service or online event/class you are offering. Make the email personal, customizing it to your audience and using the person’s name. Offer incentives with a limited sign-up period to motivate the reader to respond.


  • Speak at local events: Look for business groups in your area that are composed primarily of people in your target market. Offer to speak at their meeting and address a relevant topic that could help a business consultant grow their business.
  • Establish strategic partnerships in your community: Think of other businesses your potential clients might use: accountants, lawyers, etc. Work to establish a relationship with them; you will both benefit from referring clients to each other.
  • Solicit referrals: It is surprising how many consultants do not solicit referrals from happy clients. Think of your own business: if someone helped increase your revenue 50%, wouldn’t you want to tell your friends about them if you thought it would help your friends increase their business revenue as well? You can ask past clients in a simple email, or call and ask them personally. Another method is to offer an incentive for referrals, such as gifts or financial incentives.
  • Exceed Expectations: This is common sense but needs to be mentioned. If your client sees you as someone who goes the extra mile and provides quality work and achieves exceptional results, you will build a reputation as a consultant that consistently exceeds customer expectations.


Know Your Strengths and Advertise them

It’s easy to look at successful consultants and try to be like them.

To make your business grow, however, you need to focus on what skills differentiate you from the masses.

Promote the unique skills you bring to the table that clients can’t get from other consultants.

Highlight those strengths on your website and in any communications, whether electronic or personal.

Be Accountable to Yourself and Develop a Plan

Expanding your consulting business will take effort and require discipline and time.

Look at the above strategies and choose three to focus on. If you feel overwhelmed, choose one and do it well. It’s better to do one task successfully then fail at three.

Set up a timeline with specific goals, and hold yourself accountable – make sure you stick to the timeline.

Sell Results, Not Services

It’s important to remember that potential clients will be more likely to convert if they can picture the results of hiring you.

Hearing about your services doesn’t create a picture in their mind; details of business growth and increased profit does.

You need to remember this in any communication with potential clients, and when creating your website. Help potential clients picture the results that hiring you will generate.

Grow Your Consulting Business

Are you ready to grow your consulting business and expand your client base?

You can do this! Sit down, choose what you want to focus on, and create daily goals for each chosen task.

Hold yourself accountable, and persevere! Results won’t be immediate, but consistent effort will be rewarded as you take your consulting business to the next level.

Need Help Growing Your Business?

At a certain point in business growth, it becomes necessary and profitable to outsource certain tasks so you can focus on expanding your client base.

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