Executive coaches provide a lot of value. They care about their clients and find gratification in helping others succeed. They can increase worker productivity and morale, and turn a struggling business around.

There are many executive coaches out there, however, and building a client base and getting your name out there is a constant challenge.

Enter the drip marketing campaign. Drip campaigns have many names in the corporate world: drip marketing, drip campaigns, email marketing, email campaigns – all of these terms refer to sending current, potential, and past clients periodic emails with an end goal of generating new clients and growing your executive coaching business.

What Makes a Drip Marketing Campaign Successful?

Effective drip campaigns involve attention to multiple details. Ignoring any part of this recipe can significantly reduce the positive effect of the email campaign and cause missed opportunities to connect with potential clients.

Below I will discuss 9 key elements that are critical to an executive coach’s drip campaign, with an end goal of increasing the number of clients signing up for your showcase events.

9 Key Drip Marketing Elements That Grow Your Email Database and Showcase Enrollment

  1.   Personalize, personalize, personalize

You want your clients, and potential clients, to feel a connection with you. If you were talking to them in person you would look them in the eye and call them by name. Putting their name in the email (multiple times) and writing it as if you are conversing with them helps create that connection with the client in the emails that you send out.

  1.   Mobile-friendly emails are CRITICAL

According to Mar 2019 data collected by Upland Adestra, 62% of people now check their email on their mobile phone.

If you’ve ever opened up a non-mobile friendly website or email on your mobile phone, you understand how frustrating it is and how quickly you leave the website. You don’t want to lose 62% of your email audience because your email didn’t load correctly on their phone!

  1. Have a plan for your drip campaign

Your drip marketing campaign will be much more successful if you sit down and plan it out before starting. Things to spell out in your plan include:

  •   Emails should contain valuable information not available elsewhere – put your own touch on it. Ask yourself: will a potential client be excited when they see this topic and want to open the email?
  •   Emails highlighting showcases should be the exception, not the rule. If all the emails from you are trying to sell something (vs. impart valuable information) people will stop opening them.
  •   Stick to your plan! Set an email frequency and stick to it. Your database members will start to look forward to your emails; you want to follow through with on-time as-promised content.
  •   Interlink your topics; have a progression over time. Start your email with a brief mention of the previous one (with a link) and end with a sneak preview of what the next one will be about.
  1.   Include an incentive

Provide items of value that will add incentive for your client to sign up for emails/events and help reinforce your value to them. A downloadable worksheet, planning guide, white papers, ebook, etc. are helpful tools that potential clients may want. Notice which ones are downloaded the most to learn about what your clients are looking for. This is a great way to grow your email subscribers or maximize registration for showcases.

  1.   Layout and imagery are important

Purposeful attention to email layout and imagery can have a significant impact on keeping the reader engaged – and even on getting them to choose to read the email instead of hitting the “delete” button:

  •   Well-chosen headings help the reader scan to find the information they want.
  •   Concise communication gets your information across efficiently which potential clients appreciate.
  •   Breaking up your email with small paragraphs keeps the reader engaged.
  •   Eye-catching images that reflect the content help the scanning reader know what the article contains, and keep the article from looking like an overwhelming “wall of words.”
  1.   Test, proof, repeat!

Do NOT forget to proof & test your email. Review the content. Test-click on all links and buttons. Do you really want to go to all this work and have the customer have a non-working link or a bunch of typos?

  1.   Choose a customer relationship management software that will integrate with your email campaign. 

Having software systems that can “talk” to each other will save you time, money, and create opportunities to streamline your communications.

An example would be adding organizational tags to your CRM database records and then sending emails that target certain subsets such as existing customer or potential clients.

  1. Keep your contact list updated.

Make sure new subscribers are automatically added to your contact list; automate your unsubscribe function as well.

  1. Check your analytics regularly

This is another crucial element – you need to learn and adjust your drip marketing campaign as you go. Bounce rates, open rates, and click throughs are a gold mine of information that helps you learn about your potential and current clients and what motivates them to read your emails.

Improve Showcase Email Conversion Rates Using Drip Marketing Campaigns

As you may have guessed by now, improving your showcase email conversion rate is a product of more than just the showcase email itself.

It is the product of a well thought out drip campaign that develops relationships with current and potential clients. When the showcase email comes, recipients have come to respect the value you have to offer and are more likely to sign up.

Your plan should include emails loaded with valuable information that your readers will look forward to, with an occasional showcase email sprinkled in to give them the opportunity to take this knowledge to the next level.

Grow Your Executive Coaching Business

Do you want to want to take your business to the next level, but you aren’t quite sure how to do it? Let our experience pave the way. To learn more about our drip marketing campaign services contact me here to discuss how I can help your business grow.

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